Sunday, October 19, 2014

I've decided to make this weeks entry a true forment ( to instigate foster promote) and post the video I created this last winter in Sandy's we video workshop. Unfortunately it wouldn't up load so I can just share the link.
At that time I was only occasionally posted to work with our clients in bottle and can recycling.It was than I saw the need for this information, as I observed the unsafe, unsanitary conditions they had to work in. Currently I am posted there once a week and as cold and flu and who knows what else season approaches, now more than ever some form of continuing education/reminder needs to be put out there to the ever fluctuating LCC community about how and what to recycle. I am proud that Lane continues to win Green Campus awards; but people need to know just on who's backs and at who's risk this comes about.

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  1. Really great video! Educational, well done, and I love that you are putting a face on the folks that work hard every day to help us win the awards. Was this video ever run somewhere? Is it on the Institute for Sustainable Practices website or anything? I would think they would love to have it!